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Room Additions

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Are you getting sick and tired of the same old appearance that your home has been displaying for years? Do you have a growing family, have a grandparent moving in, or need space for a guest room or office? Perhaps you just want to add another room to your house for yourself to gain the peace of mind that you deserve?

No matter what the reason is, if you want an extension, Borchet’s Patio Porch Enclosures has the solutions for you. We possess manifold experience in all aspects of the room additions process, and we can carry out the job for you to the highest standards, in the quickest time, and in the least stressful fashion that is possible. What’s more, we do all of this at prices that you would not believe: we bill the Borchet way!

Borchet’s Patio Porch Enclosures can guide you through every step of the room additions process, from surveying and site levelling to design and layout, from laying the foundations to laying down the bricks, the tiles, the floors, and the roofing-we can take care of it all.
We also provide a comprehensive plumbing and electric wiring service so you know that when you commission Borchet’s Patio Porch Enclosures for a home extension, you’re getting the best service that is available in Cleveland today, all centralized on one highly effective, highly proficient contractors firm.

Over our50 years in business, Borchet’s Patio Porch Enclosures has cultivated an outstanding reputation for the quality of room addition servicing that we provide.
Our long established industry presence insures us access to the highest quality parts suppliers and contract works that can accommodate even the most unique and specific requirements of any job in the fastest and most effective manner that is possible.

One of the great delays through the process of any home renovation project is sourcing difficulties; with Borchet’s Patio Porch Enclosures, this won’t be a problem. With our comprehensive, state wide network of suppliers and transportation affiliates, we can get the part or room fixture that your home needs on site faster than anybody else and get the job done in a high quality, low stress manner.

At Borchet’s Patio Porch Enclosures, we work closely with all of our clients in order to make sure that the room addition service that we provide corresponds as closely as possible with their unique and individual vision, and we provide all the help and advice that you may need in order to bring that to fruition.

So get billed the Borchet way by calling us today at (440) 237-7703. For a limited time only, receive a special discount price when you mention this ad!